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Mark Kirkland van Vliet

Mark Kirkland van Vliet 1956 - 2017

My cousin Mark was born on the 23 April 1956 in Johannesburg. He was the son of Albertus Johannes van Vliet (Bertie, my mother’s brother) and Valerie Grace Taylor. His brother, Grant, was born in 1958.

When Bertie died, Mark was 6 years old and his mother was unable to take care of the boys without help and so they went to live at the St George's Boys Home where Mark eventually became Head Boy.

He matriculated from Dawnview High School in 1973. Mark served in the South African Airforce in 1974 and continued to attend camps until 1986.

In 1975 he was employed by the then known as the South African Permanent Building Society until 1992 After Mark left the Building Society, he worked privately, doing various woodworking projects, welding, plumbing, electrical and mechanical work.

Mark's love of vintage cars and cars in general, was encouraged by Brian Broadfoot, his stepfather, who played a positive roll in Mark and Grant's lives. Mark was an avid reader and an expert at crossword puzzles.

Mark moved from Johannesburg to Cape Town, where he stayed for many years. On a visit to his brother Grant, who lives on the South Coast, of KwaZulu-Natal and to whom he remained close throughout his life, Mark sadly passed away on the 2 September 2017.

He leaves four sons:

Donovan Mark van Vliet (born 1977)
Ryan Jason van Vliet (born 1980)
Gareth van Vliet (born 1984); and
Zane Thomas van Vliet (1987).

Rest In Peace, cousin Mark.

Grant, Valerie and Mark

For life and death are one, even as the river and the sea are one. 

Khalil Gibran

The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living. 

Marcus Tullius Cicero

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